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Noto Antica... the eremo of San Corrado di Fuori

Noto Antica... the eremo of San Corrado di Fuori

The church of San Corrado Outside the Walls is 5 km from the town center of Noto in the enchanting Valle dei Miracoli and is an eighteenth-century sanctuary arisen in the place where S. Corrado Confalonieri, patron of the city, lived in a cave Still open today, in hermitage from 1322 to 1351.

The church can be reached by a staircase that descends from the town of Noto, as well as through the quarry where it was built. Located at the end of a long tree-lined avenue, it is in Baroque style and inside it houses a marble statue of the Saint, dedicated to it, in addition to a canvas of Madonna and Child dated 1759 and a shadow of Sebastiano Conca depicting San Corrado dated 1759. Within the religious structure there is also a small museum where relics of gold and silver, paintings, sacred furnishings and relics of San Corrado and the Venerable Hermitage Pietro Gazetti are displayed .